Guide Your Way to Business

With 8 major business resources, 8AB provides each agent with a large amount of high-quality commercial products or projects: If you ask yourself as an excellent agent, want to develop personal business at zero cost, want to efficiently manage your network resources, and develop more business opportunities outside of your regular job, please contact us now!

Eight Major Commercial Resources

Cover each agent’s area of expertise

There’s always a commercial product for your surrogate

Adding various possibilities to your business

No capital cost required

8AB commercial products do not require pre-ordering products or services
Agents can directly sell and arrange customer connections

No professional license required

The transaction process of 8AB commercial products does not require professional qualifications

Flexible working environment; Work more, earn more

8AB only provides commercial products and sales channels
There is no specific requirement for an agent to work; you are free to make work plans

The commission of 8AB commercial products can reach more than a million

SME Financial Aids or Commercial Loans

Expand your business with governmental resources

Overseas Real Estate/Immigration/Further Education

Explore your ideal new horizons abroad

Popular Limited Edition Products

Online and On-site Courses

Sell and promote your courses and products

Information Technology or Marketing

Financial Products

Sell and promote your courses and products

Luxury Goods

Precious metals. jewelleries, etc.

High-end Programs

(Commission can reach a million)

Everything is ready
We only call for your participation

Simply sign up and apply to join the 8AB platform agent team; no cost required.